Visitors/Downtown Parking

You’re headed to downtown Ferndale—awesome! Now, where and how to park? We’re here to help you find a space quickly and easily so you can enjoy your visit.

How it works

Parking in Ferndale lots and downtown spaces is done via Parkmobile, a system designed for greater ease, payment options, and convenience than traditional parking meters.

  1. Find a parking space in any of Ferndale’s 14 public parking lots, 9 Mile, or along Woodward Avenue.
  2. Every parking spot has a zone and space number—make note of yours.
  3. Find your closest digital Parkmobile meter—they’re strategically placed throughout our parking lots and downtown streets
  4. Enter your space number and pay using your preferred method: cash, coin, or credit card or via Park Mobile.
  5. Select the amount of time, in hours, that you’d like to park.
  6. You’re all set! You can ask to receive a text message when your end time is nearing, and parking sessions can be extended using your smartphone.
  7. If you prefer to go even more digital, download the Parkmobile app. You can enter your parking zone and space numbers and pay via credit card, all on your smartphone or tablet. No need to visit the meter!

Parking rates & times

The current parking rate is $.50 per hour, regardless of location. Paid parking is enforced Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. There is no cost to park after 9:00 p.m.; on Sundays; and on holidays, election days, and other designated non-enforcement periods.

Residential parking

Most residential/neighborhood streets adjacent to downtown are either Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) or Resident Permit-only Parking (R-POP) zones. In RPZs, parking is open to all, but strictly limited to two hours. In R-POP zones, parking is available to residents only. With locations in all quadrants of the city, public lot parking is highly recommended, as it provides the greatest ease and flexibility for downtown visitors. In most cases, you’ll walk no further than 2-3 blocks, or about 500 feet—no more than you’d walk from the back of a mall or big-box store parking lot.

Electric cars

Ferndale loves the energy-saving capabilities of electric cars—and now have the parking spaces to prove it. There are two electric vehicle charging stations located in downtown parking lots; you can visit the Power Dashboard to see locations and real-time availability. Non-electric vehicle parking in these spaces is prohibited and subject to a citation and fine. 

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