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43rd District Court
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The City issues two types of citations: 

  1. Expired meter citations—vehicle's time parked in a space exceeds the paid time
    $10—if payment received within 72 hours of ticket issuance
    $25—if payment received within 10 days of ticket issuance. After 10 days, a default judgment will be entered and additional fees may be assessed. 
  2. Prohibited parking citations - Prohibited parking occurs when a vehicle is parked (attended or not) in a place that is not a legal parking space according to the Michigan Vehicle Code.  The infractions include but are not limited to parking too close to a driveway, crosswalk, intersection, or too far from the curb, obstructing a fire lane or parking too close to a fire hydrant (within 15 feet), parking one car in more than one space, parking in an area posted "No Parking," or using a permit contrary to its intended use.  

    Prohibited parking citations are $35, if paid within 10 days of issue.
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