RPZ (Residential Parking Program)

RPZ - It’s not just another acronym—it’s Ferndale’s new Residential Parking Zone policy, and it’s going to change the way people park on certain neighborhood streets (for the better!). 

 What you’ll need before you register:

  • A valid driver’s license and vehicle registration that matches your application (don’t have a copy to upload? Just snap a photo with your phone.)
  • No outstanding fees for water bill payments, taxes, or parking tickets—that’s right, folks, delinquencies delay so it benefits you to pay

Register/Logon to the RPZ Program and receive/renew your parking passes: Click here

What is it?

Ferndale’s Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) refers to street parking on the following downtown-adjacent streets:

  • W. Troy (Livernois - Allen)
  • W. Saratoga (Livernois - Woodward Avenue)
  • E. Troy (Woodward Avenue -Paxton St.)
  • E. Breckenridge (Woodward to Bermuda)

The new RPZ policy allows for 2-hour parking limits on all streets within the zone, 11 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Saturday. This includes residents, guests, downtown patrons, and beyond. Residents of each street may bypass the 2-hour limit and park overnight or for longer periods of time by using the new RPZ access sticker cling. 

RPZ access

All RPZ residents are eligible to receive two digital RPZ permits and two guestplacards for visitors. Digital RPZ permits are meant to be static and tied to a distinct vehicle. Guest placards are flexible to accomodate visitors.


Parking throughout the RPZ will be enforced by Republic Parking. Parking is enforced between 11 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Saturday, except on national holidays and other non-enforcement occasions.

RPZ Petition Process

  1. Create A petition: If you want to start or expand resident parking in your neighborhood, you need to create a petition. Download the petition for a new Resident parking program.
  2. You need to meet these requirements:
    At least 65% of the households living on the streets involved in the program are required to sign in favor of the petition
    More than one street in a neighborhood needs to be included in the request or residential parking zone.
  3. Add Background to the Petition:
    Your petition must include the neighborhood and street where you are requesting resident parking. You need to also add a description of the parking problems on those streets.
  4. Submit your petition to the City: Please submit your petitioning to RPZ@ferndalemi.gov and parking@ferndalemi.gov
    If your application is eligible, the City's Parking Department will conduct a parking traffic study of the proposed block to help inform the recommendation.
    The Parking Department will schedule a meeting with the applicant to review the study results and discuss next steps.
    The City Council will hold a Public Hearing to consider the request, parking study, and recommendations from the community and staff. If the City approves the proposal, it will take at least three months to initiate the new zone.
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