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The City updated our Master Land Use Plan in 2016 after two years of study and community input. The plan sets a common vision, goals, and actions for where the City should direct its efforts over the next five to ten years. Key sections of the plan include land use, housing and neighborhoods, economic vitality, recreation and open space, transportation and mobility, and city services, facilities, and infrastructure.

An important excerpt of that plan is focused on land use and future development opportunities.  The current W. Troy parking lot site is considered one of the important redeveloment opportunities. 

A complete draft of the 2016 Master Land Use Plan update is available for review on the City's website.  



The City and DDA worked with Gibbs Planning in 2015 to identify future commercial development opportunities for the downtown.  The market study compliments the work undertaken for hte 2016 MLUP update.

Parking Demand:

The City has partnered with Carl Walker Parking Consultants and Republic Parking System to study parking traffic in our downtown.  Parking demand studies help us understand the current usage of our parking system.  

The purpose of the most recent parking demand study is to project how each of the two concepts listed above would impact the supply and demand mechanics of our parking system.  The Urban Land Institute provides a model to project impacts based upon land use and the area of the site.  


The City has partnered with Opus International to study the vehicular traffic and turning movements within the Development on Troy study area.  The purpose of the current traffic study is to help us understand the impacts of each concept on the existing street network.  Preserving safety and avoiding intorducing more traffic in the residential neighborhoods near the proposed development are two priority guiding principles.  


June 6th Community Input PresentationLocation: Rust Belt MarketDate: 6/6/2017Time: 6-8 p.m.

March 13th CIty Council W. Troy Parking Development Update

The CIty Manager's office presented an update on the W. Troy Parking Development to City Council during the March 13th City Council meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, City Council approved funding to initiate the design phase for the parking development.  Council directed the project team to bring back two design concepts for public comment in by early May, 2017.  

Concept (1): Mixed Use Parking Development

  • 4 levels of parking; 390 parking spaces.  
  • Street level commercial space; 16,500 sf of retail or office 
  • Improved southern alley; explore sustainable or green alley elements
  • W. Troy Streetscape improvements; explore special event plaza, community gathering spaces, downtown pocket park space

Project Timeline - Estimated 12-15 months

Project Cost breakdown:

  • $9.5-$12 million - 4 levels of parking
  • $1.5-$ 2 million - Street level commercial space
  • $1.5-$2 million - Special events plaza and green alley
  • $2.$2.5 million - Transfer floor for future 2 levels of office space

Concept (2) - Single Use Parking Deck

  • 3 levels of parking; 300 parking spaces

City Council requested staff to provide a second option that consider introducing a simple pre-cast parking deck onto the W. Troy site.

A comparable reference has been the small 233 space parking platform in downtown Rochester, Michigan.  The project team will work with Rochester to better understand anticipated project costs and timelines.  Updates will be published to this page by April 18th.