R-POP (Residential Permit-Only Parking Program)

R-POP - Nope, it’s not the latest Faygo flavor—it’s Ferndale’s new Residential Permit-only Parking policy, and it’s here to improve parking for residents on the city’s most traffic-dense neighborhood streets.


What you’ll need before you register:

  • A valid driver’s license and vehicle registration that matches your application (don’t have a copy to upload? Just snap a photo with your phone.)
  • No outstanding fees for water bill payments, taxes, or parking tickets—that’s right, folks, delinquencies delay so it benefits you to pay

Register/Logon for the R-POP Program and renew/receive your parking passes: Click here

What is it?

Ferndale’s Residential Permit-only Parking (R-POP and R-POP2) policy refers to street parking on the following downtown-adjacent streets:

  • Vester (between Bermuda and Leland)
  • E. Breckenridge (between Bermuda and Leland)
  • West Saratoga (between Woodward and Allen)

The new R-POP policy limits parking within the zone to residents only. To qualify for parking, residents must apply for a digital permit.

R-POP access

All R-POP residents are eligible to receive two R-POP digital permits for up to 2 resident vehicles, plus two guest rearview mirror placards for visitors.


Parking throughout the R-POP will be enforced by Republic Parking. Yes, it really will be enforced… we promise! Staff have been added to the Republic team to ensure proper enforcement so that parking is fair and regulated for all.

Parking will be enforced 4 p.m. to midnight, Monday through Saturday, except on national holidays and other non-enforcement occasions.

Why the new program?

In 2015, the City surveyed all households within the R-POP district to learn more about parking effectiveness. We learned that the vast majority of residents were unhappy with the current system, noting narrow streets, heavy parking use by downtown visitors and local employees, and frequent public safety concerns. 

Resident volunteers from the R-POP, as well as the City’s four RPZ zones, formed a committee and assisted the City in developing a solution that better balances the needs of residents and downtown traffic. In addition to exhaustive research and traffic counts of each street, your fellow neighbors’ feedback and decisions were at the core of the creation of this new policy. 

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