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Meter Bagging

Meter bagging may be requested by contacting ParkFerndale's office at 248-336-4164 during normal operating hours.  

Leased Parking Spaces

A meter bagging permit reserves a metered parking space for construction, special events, moving, etc. If a construction project requires the closure of public parking spaces, a parking space lease application must be filed.

  • Spaces can be leased for up to 90 days.
  • Leases that extend beyond 90 days require a renewal application.

Submit a Metered Parking Lease Application.

Temporary Dumpsters

An additional application and permitting process is required for the temporary use of public property/parking spaces for the placement of a dumpster.

Submit a Dumpster Placement Application.


For more information, contact:

  • ParkFerndale
  • 248-336-4164
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