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Walkable Downtown

It’s safe, it’s friendly, it’s green, and it’s relatively small (geographically speaking)—all of which make Ferndale an ideal city for getting around without a car.

Did you know that walking two or three blocks in and around downtown Ferndale is roughly equivalent to the amount of walking you’d do from the back of a mall or big-box store parking lot? It’s true—and the walking you’ll do in Ferndale is infinitely cooler. Here are four reasons why.

1. Art peeping

Downtown Ferndale, on both the west and east sides, contains all sorts of unique art installations, from murals painted on the sides of buildings to twisted-metal benches and planters. Being on foot or bicycle allows you to absorb a little bit of arty-cool on your way to dinner. 

2. Heavenly aromas

Inhale the sweet smell of just-baked cupcakes, fresh-roasted coffee, smoked bacon, and other yummy foodstuffs while you stroll.

3. Friendly neighbors

When was the last time you made it through downtown Ferndale without a smile, friendly wave, or greeting by a curious puppy? Ditch the car, and feel the love.

4. New discoveries

Maybe you’re headed out for dinner and drinks, but you spot a must-have record, baby item, or handmade treasure. These are kismet moments, and you can thank your most recent downtown stroll for making it happen. Visit Ferndale Moves to learn more about walking and bicycling in our community.

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