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Planned Unit Development (PUD)

The City submitted the project known as the dot as a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  Deliverables for the preliminary PUD application include a site plan, floor plans and exterior elevations of all phases of the project. These drawings reflect the size, character, organization of uses and the proposed phasing of the project. 

Redevelopment of the W. Troy surface lot is designated as a priority Land-Use goal in the 2017 Master Land Use Plan update.  The design for the development will include approximately 400 parking spaces, street level retail, upper level office space, space for consolidating trash compaction and collection and a residential development along Allen Road. Other aspects of the project include redevelopment of the public alley, a public plaza, a special events plaza and redevelopment of Troy Street.  

Implementing a mixed-use approach represents a vision for providing a lively, friendly downtown space by promoting density, walkability and support for a variety of shops, offices, and housing for the community.

6/25/2018: Amended PUD  Submittal / Special Land Use Submittal

9/20/2017: PUD Application Submittal / Special Land Use Submittal

The Planning Commission received and unanimously approved of the City's PUD application and special land use submittal during a speical meeting of the Planning Commission held on September 20, 2017.  

8/2/17: PUD Pre-Application Meeting

  • 8/2/17 Supplemental Packet  (includes following exhibits: Cover letter, MLUP excerpts, Downtown Market Study, Traffic Impact Study
  • 8/2/17 Planning Commission Submittal Packet

Further refinements will be approved by the Planning Commission and City Council. Carl Walker, Inc, retained as the City's Parking Consultant, will be responsible for authoring the final bid documents for this PUD.   Per the zoning ordinance, the City attended a PUD pre-application meeting with the Planning Commission on August 2nd, 2017.  Per the Zoning Ordinance, the preliminary PUD plan presented in this packet will cover the eight points identified below.  Most the information in this plan has been developed during an extensive public engagement process and in conjunction with the Downtown Parking Committee and the Steering Committee over the past years.

  1. General location map
  2. A map indicating the zoning designations and land uses of the site and surrounding properties
  3. Acreage of the site
  4. Vehicular circulation system / associated traffic study
  5. General locations and approximate size of any natural features of the site
  6. General location and size of the buildings, parking, and open space areas
  7. General description of the proposed sewage treatment and water supply systems and proposed storm water drainage system
  8. Description of how the proposed PUD will result in recognizable and substantial benefits to the city that would not be available under the underlying zoning district.