Ferndale City Council Approves Electric Vehicle Program with AAW Infrastructure Partners L3C

March 23, 2022

Ferndale City Council has approved a partnership with AAW Infrastructure Partners L3C (AAW) to launch the Electric Vehicle-Mobility and Economic Stimulus Program, an innovative program designed to support funding for future electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations.

The cost of EV infrastructure can be challenging for local communities, and support from this program will be beneficial for helping City Council achieve sustainability objectives.

AAW raises funding through hybrid advertising and sponsorship arrangements with organizations, businesses, and individuals to provide a painless transition to fleet EVs and improve mobility without raising taxes or increasing utility rates. This program will offer the City new means of supporting our local businesses, the ability to purchase EVs at the same price as ICE vehicles, free charging stations, carbon-neutral charging, and a plan to use fuel savings of EVs to subsidize carbon-offset mobility options. AAW will promote all relevant material to encourage customer traffic and sales to sponsors of the program. Organizations will also be offered free energy assessments from DTE Energy to help reduce costs and save money.

“We are extremely pleased with Council’s approval and look forward to helping one of Michigan’s most progressive municipalities transition to electric fleet vehicles and also help support their business community,” said AAW’s CEO and Founding Member Thomas A Wither. “It’s never been more apparent and urgent that, once and for all, we eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and massively reduce carbon emissions…Ferndale is doing its part!”

This program follows additional successful partnerships from neighboring cities including Dearborn, Westland, and Inkster. The City of Dearborn received installations of energy-efficient lighting and EV charging stations in various parking lots and structures.  

Ferndale City Council looks forward to the implementation of this program to help further support the City’s goals of climate resiliency.  

About AAW: AAW is a Social Enterprise designed to sustainably help advance the world’s transition to electric vehicles and improve mobility for the transit-challenged, while stimulating local economies via digital marketing, sponsorship, and grant opportunities. AAW Infrastructure is based out of Royal Oak, Michigan.