City Seeks Previously-Presented Change Order Request for The dot

May 6, 2020

At the Monday, May 11 regular meeting of Ferndale City Council, the City will seek approval for a $283,769 change order for The dot, or the Development on Troy mixed-use parking development.

The change order request, which was originally presented to Council and the community at the February 10, 2020 City Council meeting, would cover design changes related to the parking and future office development component of the project, including code-related updates to the basement level to address fire suppression and prevention needs, structural and insulation work related to the future retail space, and other similar work. A detailed change order list will be available in the City Council materials presented on Monday evening.

In February, Ferndale City Manager Joseph Gacioch presented an update and asked City Council to consider two change orders: the first covering the completion of the parking development’s fourth floor structural components and future office space, not to exceed $1 Million; and the second to cover other construction and design changes unrelated to the fourth floor, also not to exceed $1 Million. Monday’s request will be the first of two requests relating to the second change order.

The project management team has worked to review all requests and lower costs where possible; as a result, Monday’s change order request will come in more than $180,000 lower than originally planned.

Apart from the reduction in cost, the change order request will follow what was presented in February; the order is not related to COVID-19 or any of the changes that may come as a result of government-ordered closures during the pandemic. You’ll recall that Governor Whitmer suspended construction work statewide starting March 23, with work allowed to resume today, May 7. The City anticipates that we will continue to see some effects of the COVID-19 virus and closure, with a potential return of a smaller-than-average workforce,continued supply chain issues, and additional new construction site social distancing and safety preventative measure requirements.  

For now, going forward, the City’s first priority will be to complete the project’s public components—including completing and opening the parking structure, completing the downtown compactor enclosure, and finishing alley improvements and reopening W. Troy St.—while remaining focused on completing the project as a whole. The developer maintains their interest in completing their proposed portion of the project, and the City’s legal and leadership teams are renegotiating development agreement terms that include adjustments to timelines and priorities, financial reimbursement commitments, and more. An amended development agreement is anticipated this summer.  

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The dot: Previous Change Orders

Change order 3: Completion of the fourth floor parking garage, first floor office
Change order 2: Compactor enclosure and design and structural changes related to future retail and office space
Change order 1: Subterranean conditions and related earthwork and design changes