Where is my permit valid?

Monthly, quarterly, and annual business permits are valid in any municipal surface lot as long as you are parked in a long-term parking space. If you have one of these permits but do not park in a long-term parking space, you will be given a citation for an expired meter. If you would like to park in The dot Parking Deck, you must purchase The dot Monthly Permit. This permit is valid in all municipal surface lots as well as The dot. The permit is valid as long as you park in a long-term parking space.

Flex Permits allow you to park in any municipal lot, including The dot—both long-term and short-term spaces. This permit does not allow you to park in prohibited or restricted zones such as loading zones, fire lanes, in front of fire hydrants, in residential zones, etc.

Residential permits are only valid in the corresponding residential zones to which they are assigned. You may not use a Vester residential permit to park on East Breckenridge without the utilization of a Vester guest permit.

If you are interested in applying for a permit, click here!