Does the city offer discounted permits for fuel efficient vehicles?

Yes, the as of July 1, 2018 - the City provides a Hybrid and Alternative Fuel vehicle permit for residents that provides significantly discounted parking in downtown municipal parking lots.  Click here for a list of eligible 2018 vehicles. To encourage investments in high performing fuel efficient vehicles, the City discounts these permits at 50% the cost of an annual downtown business permit. The 2018 permit costs $120.

Will the 2018 permit be pro-rated for the remainder of 2018?

Yes - The permit will be pro-rated between July 1,2018 - December 31st, 2018 at a cost of $60.

Must I be a resident to be eligible for this permit?

Yes - you must provide proof of residency to receive this permit. Nonresidents are ineligible.

Must I provide valid vehicle registration/documentation?

Yes - you must provide valid registration and vehicle documentation that supports the permit.

May I apply for this permit online?

Yes - you may apply online using the City's permit center - you must upload your documentation during the application process.