The City of Ferndale is proud to introduce our new Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) and Residential Permit-Only Parking (R-POP). The permit-based parking program for downtown-adjacent residential streets and neighborhoods will make parking easier for residents, tenants, and guests. 


Easy to Use

We've designed the RPZ and R-POP programs to be as easy for residents to manage as possible. It's fast and low-hassle to apply for your street's permit—simply stop by City Hall, located at 300 E. Nine Mile Rd., and fill out a quick form. You'll receive clings for your vehicles, plus visitor hangtags to use for guests. Passes are renewable annually. 


Frees Up Streets

Residents in RPZ and R-POP zones have spoken, and we listened: the streets you live on are too congested, too heavily parked by non-residents, and—in some cases—too narrow to support the traffic flow. Our permit programs help to alleviate these issues by removing chronic and long-term parking by visitors, event-goers, and more. Support the RPZ and R-POP permit programs, and stop searching for parking on your own streets. 


There is no cost involved with either the RPZ and R-POP permit programs at this time. If management of the programs necessitate future charges, we will work to keep fees low and parking patrol and enforcement high.