Does the City offer downtown employee parking permits?

Yes, the City offers monthly, quarterly, or annual parking permits for downtown employees.  Visit our page for downtown employees and business owners to find out more.  

Who should I contact if a paystation is jammed?

Contact Republic Parking's 24 hour parking hotline at 1-844-663-0052.

What are the holidays that the City does not enforce parking?

The City of Ferndale does not enforce parking on designated state and national holidays, including: 

• New Year's Day, January 1
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, third Monday in January
• Presidents' Day, third Monday in February
• Memorial Day, last Monday in May
• Independence Day, July 4
• Labor Day, first Monday in September
• General Election Day, first Tuesday in November, even-numbered years
• Veterans' Day, November 11
• Thanksgiving Day and the day after, fourth Thursday and Friday in November
• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, December 24 and 25
• New Year's Eve, December 31

Do the paystations give change back?

No, the paystations are not equipped with a return mechanism to offer change.  

Are handicap parking spaces metered?

The City does enforce disabled parking spaces.  Only drivers who have a qualified plate/placard with a free-parking sticker issued by the State are eligible for free parking. By enforcing the standards set by the State of Michigan, we hope to provide available and accessible parking for drivers with valid disabled parking placards/plates. Information on the State of Michigan's standards for disabled permitting can be found in City presentation.  

How and where can I obtain a residential parking pass?

The City offers residential parking passes on select streets adjacent to the downtown. Visit the Residents page for more information about the program.  

I'm a resident passholder; what do I do if I see someone violating a time limit on a residential street?

Call Republic Parking at 248-546-2525 ext. 125 and report the street location and a description of the vehicle. A staff member will follow up as quickly as possible. Please do not call the police department. 

When are the residential parking zones enforced? 

  • Residential Parking Zones are enforced between the hours of 11 a.m. and midnight, Monday through Saturday.  
  • Residential Permit-only Parking (R-POP) zones are enforced between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight, Monday through Saturday.
  • RPZ/R-POP permit restrictions are enforced on Sundays during downtown events that have been approved by the Special Events Committee.

I'm going to drive downtown from my home in a residential zone and park in a city lot—is that cool?

If walking poses issues for you and you require a vehicle to get around, by all means we encourage you to drive. If not, keep in mind that most homes in your district are just 1-2 blocks from downtown—an easy five- or ten-minute walk or bike ride. Or in other terms, roughly the same amount of time it takes most people to walk through a mall parking lot on a busy day. If you’re able to get there on foot, be cool and save a downtown parking space for someone who needs it. 

Can I use my residential parking pass to park in any RPZ or R-POP zone?

No, your pass is good for your street only. 

I can park in front of a fire hydrant if I have parking permit, right?

Wrong! All of the existing state laws and city regulations still hold. That means no parking:

  • In front of fire hydrants or street signs
  • For longer than 48 hours
  • During snow emergencies 
  • Within 30 feet from a stop sign